Are you continually frustrated? Do you find that even if you do manage to find a date, getting to sex is impossible?

It is not that bad! Calm down and try the following:

  1. When meeting at the park and setting up the date the hottie tells you that “it has been a long time”. You jokingly say, “ it’s been a long time since you were at the park too,”. They move in close and body language and talk is already then joking about hints of sex and that they need to be satisfied fast. Then the date is going to end in a night of casual hot sex

2. The two of you are at the restaurant eating dessert and the hot date wants you to share the fork, eating the dessert. Then they feed you with the fork. This is great body language leading to a night of passionate hot sex

3. You are both chatting away in the coffee shop and your beauty date’s eyes are lit up, there is a big smile on their face and cheeks are flushed and they keep stroking their face and hair. This is a sure sign of excitement and that ahead is a night where you get lots of casual hot sex

4. The night ends and you are in the taxi, shared as suggested by your hot date and they suggest you “come over to my place, “even though it is 2 am. They move in close on the seat with you. This is a give away that the destination is your hottie’s bedroom to get casual hot sex

5. When meeting and setting up the date your beauty of a date moves in close to you, touching you many times, flutters their eyelids at you while staring into your eyes and the talk is revolving around sex. These are sure body language signs that this date is going to end in a night of passionate hot sex

6. The talk at the restaurant is full of sexual innuendo. The hottie says things like“ I want to see what you have in your wardrobe,” “ I bet you will get tired before I’m done..my dinner silly, what did you think I meant,” ha ha. The conversation moves to open talk of sexual fantasies over dessert, then the night will end in casual hot sex.

7. You impress the date finding a small place with music to dance even though many places are closed nowadays. You are dancing and the hottie moves in close and hugs you, dancing slowly, hot body language is all over the place. You sit back down very close and this night is going to lead to a night of great passion and hot sex

8. Both of you are eating fast, hungry after the tennis game. You got along wonderfully during the game, friendly competition pushing each other to feed shared joy of the game. The hottie then asks if you can give them a sports massage. The conversation moves to massages that relieve more than sports tiredness ha ha. Then the day is going to end in a night where you get physical hot sex. You can see the latest trends in casual sex in Vogue magazine here.

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Reading body language
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