Research Service for Business Academic and Personal

Research assistance service for business, academic or personal, to summarize research project base with key proposals and sources.


Do you have a research problem that you want done thoroughly, deadline was yesterday?



Offering research assistance for any use, business, academic, school, personal etc.


We provide an in-depth, thorough search of all available resources to solve your research project, summarized with quality for you. Research ideas, avenues, resources, sources, suggested key
source documentation and a few citations are all included.

Then you simply take our summary and dive straight in to finishing your research project as you choose.


Price menu:

120 USD minimum

40 USD / hour

Flat rate option: 175 USD

Make a price offer and enter it in the Price Offer box.








What exactly am I paying for when I buy the service?


Your purchase buys the research service which includes our created presentation of the research project. The work includes email coordination with you to ensure the research is done as you request.


How does the price offer work?

You fill the price offer box with your chosen price, above the minimum. Then you go to the checkout and PayPal payment.


What happens after I buy the service?

We email you a form to get all the information, detailing everything that you request us to do towards the research problem.



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