10 Tips for How to Date for Hot Sex Tonight

It’s often hard to focus on the art of a date that leads to getting laid, hot sex tonight so here are 10 tips:

1 if you already met and have phone numbers this is good. You can then make decisions when and where the date is to be and arrange by telephone .. it’s fun to chat quickly on the phone before. A planned date gives some basis for a date ending in hot casual sex.

2 pick a nice romantic location with good ambience and romantic activities, not too expensive for dates such as coffee and dessert or a burger in a pub or an outdoor summer lunchtime concert. Atmosphere is everything and creates the setting that points to a night of hot sex.

3 relax put all life distractions out of your mind- you probably do this at a movie so why not at the date. Focus brings the result, a night of hot casual sex.

4 have fun playing a bit of mental chess thinking and prioritising the best questions to ask, best things to tell the date about you and how you think it should all go down-you’ll be surprised at how if it is a good date things seem to all magically click into place together to end in a night of getting laid, hot sex all night long

5 music is important – a date should have some if not from the location then maybe from a smart phone walking out of the restaurant. Music will help the seduction leading to very hot sex

6 clothes and dressing up is most fun and makes all the difference turning the date into an occasion and maybe more with costume and role playing. This adds a bit of a game to lead into the night of hot sex and passion

7 the date should definitely not be planned things should flow and out of that the physical that is touch, hugs, kisses, making out, follows and leads to an invitation to the bedroom and a night of hot sex

8 establishing some idea of great attraction, making comments such as I like you, I find you very hot, you are very beautiful, your body is very attractive is a good part of the seduction that will get you to the bedroom and hot sex fast

9 Avoid negative things such as past loves, argumentative talk, negative subjects. Make the date an island escape of beauty, and it will lead to a night to get hot casual sex fast

10 add in a few flirtatious gestures , body language such as stroking your hair, leaning close, fluttering the eyes. Then watch and you will be surprised at how fast this moves to light touching and then a hug or kiss which ends in a night of hot sex.


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