bahri (company)


  • Company type: Public; ISIN: SA0007870054 ; Founded: January 22, 1978; 46 years ago; Founder: Royal Decree; Headquarters: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Key people: Mohammed AlSarhan,
    Fahad Al Saif, Ahmed Al-Subaey (CEO); Services: Transportation of Oil, Chemicals, dry-bulk, Multi Purpose Cargo, Ship Management and Bahri Marine; Revenue: 1,040,909 Saudi riyal (2022); Total assets: 22,898,097 Saudi riyal (2022); Owner: Public
    Investment Fund (22.55%), Saudi Aramco Development Co. (20%); Number of employees: Approximately 4000; Divisions: Oil, Chemicals, Logistics, Dry-bulk, and Ship Management and Bahri Marine Overview The company structures its operations around
    five business units that include Oil, Chemicals, Logistics, Dry Bulk, and Ship Management.

  • Bahri’s service offering includes transportation of crude oil, oil products, chemical, bulk cargo, Roll-on/roll-off as well as ship management and Bahri marine.

  • [2] Bahri Dry Bulk – Bahri Dry Bulk was set up in 2010 as a joint venture (JV) between Bahri and Arabian Agricultural Services Company (ARASCO), with a mandate to acquire,
    own, charter and commercially operate a fleet of dry bulk vessels.

  • Bahri Ship Management – Bahri Ship Management was established in the year 1996 jointly by Bahri and Acomarit, a ship management company based in Scotland, to provide ship
    management services to companies across the region.

  • Today, Bahri one of the largest owner and operator of Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) in the world, and one of the owner of chemical tanker ships in the Middle East.

  • Based in Dubai, the company presently manages 96 ships comprising VLCCs, chemical carriers, and dry bulk ships.

  • [1] Business Units Bahri Oil – Bahri Oil was established in 1996 to serve the crude oil transportation needs of Saudi Arabia and other oil-producing countries in the region.

  • Bringing a novel approach to its focus on optimal cargo mix, Bahri Logistics operates a total of 6 state-of-the-art multipurpose vessels on a regular liner schedule.


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