• [7] In the 1980s, the company continued to expand in the USA through acquisitions of several distribution companies, among others, the American distribution companies Western
    Chemical (1980), Textile Chemical (1981) and Delta (1986).

  • [9] This included, among others, the Dutch company Holland Chemical International N.V. By acquiring Holland Chemical International – the fifth-largest chemicals distributor
    worldwide at the time – in 2000 Brenntag gained market shares in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and the USA, and became a market leader in Latin America.

  • [1] Company type: Public (Societas Europaea); Traded as: FWB: BNR, FWB: BNRA (ADR), OTC Pink Current: BNTGF, OTC Pink Current: BNTGY (ADR), DAX component (BNR); ISIN: DE000A1DAHH0
    US1071801013; Industry: Distribution; Founded: 1874; 150 years ago; Founder: Philipp Mühsam; Headquarters: Essen, Germany; Number of locations: 600; Key people: Christian Kohlpaintner (CEO), Richard Ridinger (Chairman of the Supervisory board);
    Services: Chemical and ingredients distribution; Revenue: 19.4 billion EUR (2022)[1] ; Number of employees: >17,500 (2022)[1]; History Founding[edit] In 1874 Philipp Mühsam founded an egg wholesale business in Berlin which would later become

  • [6] Expansion abroad and takeover[edit] In 1969, Brenntag acquired its first company, Balder from Belgium and a year later business operations in the USA started.

  • [23] Business segments[edit] Brenntag has been organized into two global businesses since 2021.

  • After the takeover by BC Partners, Brenntag continued to acquire companies worldwide, expanding its network and market shares.

  • In 2008, Brenntag took over the Indian company Rhodia in Mumbai, giving Brenntag the first distribution presence in the region.

  • In most cases, these were small supplements to the existing business in markets in which Brenntag had been less present until then.

  • [22][23] Part of Brenntag’s business strategy is the acquisition, i.e., buying companies to strengthen its own market position and expand its portfolio.

  • [13] Business operations Business model[edit] Brenntag buys large quantities of industrial and specialty chemicals from manufacturers, commissions them into required quantities
    to meet specific demand and sells them on to its customers.

  • Just one year later, US private equity firm Bain Capital acquired Stinnes.

  • [22][5] In addition, Brenntag operates around 80 application laboratories, where customer-specific services and products are developed.

  • [12] As of 20 September 2021, the company is included in the DAX as part of an index reform and expansion from 30 to 40 companies.

  • [14] In 2010, Brenntag further expanded its market presence in the region significantly by acquiring EAC Industrial Ingredients Ltd. in Bangkok.


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