defion internacional


  • [3] The media in Peru interviewed security guards returning from Iraq and the security guards reported being pleased with the work and the majority have returned to work for
    their third year.

  • [5] Although most of the training is done on site, Triple Canopy had trained security guards at a local military base in Peru in Huachipa but after controversy with the location,
    Defion took over training security guards at their company headquarters where they can accommodate up to 150 students in their classrooms.

  • Defion Internacional came on the personnel services scene by recruiting and training security guards for Triple Canopy contracts, involving the war in Iraq.

  • Juan Manuel Duran says that the security guards work in the Green Zone, and at the time of the reports, the bombings and attacks had occurred outside of that area; accordingly,
    none of the hired Peruvians were affected.

  • [2] The Ambassador says that there are loop holes in the Peruvian laws which allows their citizens to work abroad as security guards in a conflict zone.

  • Defion Internacional is a Lima, Peru based Private Military Company that recruits and trains security personnel, logistics personnel, administrative personnel and professional
    services personnel to provide worldwide services.

  • According to the company’s website, they provide jobs under 6 month-1 year contracts in the Middle East.


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