marketing effectiveness


  • At the marketing mix level, marketers can improve their execution by making small changes in any or all of the 4-Ps (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) (Marketing) without
    making changes to the strategic position or the creative execution marketers can improve their effectiveness and deliver increased revenue.

  • • Marketing Creative: Even without a change in strategy, better creatives can improve results.

  • [citation needed] • Marketing Execution: By improving how marketers go to market, they can achieve significantly greater results without changing their strategy or their creative

  • [citation needed] Additional examples would be improving direct mail through a better call-to-action or editing web site content to improve its organic search results, marketers
    can improve their marketing effectiveness for each type of program.

  • A growing area of interest within (Marketing Strategy) and Execution are the more recent interaction dynamics of traditional marketing (e.g.

  • (See references below, Brand Ecosystems) Not only direct product experience, but also any stimulus provided by traditional marketing, can become a catalyst for a consumer
    brand “groundswell” online as outlined in the book Groundswell.

  • • Marketing Infrastructure (also known as Marketing Management): Improving the business of marketing can lead to significant gains for the company.

  • The overall accountability for brand leadership and business results is often reflected in an organization under a title within a (Brand management) department.

  • Marketing effectiveness is the measure of how effective a given marketer’s go to market strategy is toward meeting the goal of maximizing their spending to achieve positive
    results in both the short- and long-term.

  • [6] Factors driving marketing effectiveness • Corporate: Each company operates within different bounds.

  • Understanding the impact these factors have on consumers can help in designing programs that take advantage or mitigate the risk of these factors and the impact they may have
    on a marketing campaigns.

  • [citation needed] Brand information can be received through many sources, such as, advertising, word-of-mouth and in the (distribution) channel often characterized with the
    purchase funnel, a McKinsey & Company concept.


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