mellerio dits meller


  • Industry: Jewellery; Founded: 1613; 410 years ago; Founder: the Mellerio family; Headquarters: Rue de la Paix, Paris, France; Key people: Laure-Isabelle Mellerio (President);
    Products: Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants History The firm started in 1613, founded by the Mellerio family from Valle Vigezzo, under the patronage of Marie de Médicis.

  • [citation needed] The jewel collection of the Dutch royal family includes a tiara made by Mellerio for Queen Emma.

  • [citation needed] Mellerio is also attributed with the creation of the Spanish Floral Tiara, made of diamonds in a pattern of flowers, which was a wedding gift to the future
    Queen Sofia from General Franco on her marriage to Juan Carlos of Spain in 1962.

  • It remains part of the Spanish Royal Family jewels, worn today by Queen Sofia of Spain.

  • Mellerio dits Meller is a French jewellery house, founded in 1613, and still active today.

  • [3] According to Côme Mellerio referring to his company’s archives, on the day of the French Revolution (14 July 1789), the sales of their Mellerio shop in Paris were excellent.

  • It is a member of the Comité Colbert and also of the Henokiens, an international club made up of family companies over 200 years old.

  • [8] Mellerio family At one time, the family owned the Pavilon de Musique in Versailles, built for Princess Marie Joséphine of Savoy.

  • [5] Jean-François Mellerio (1815-1896) opened a branch in Madrid in 1850 from which he supplied customers including Queen Isabella II and the future Empress Eugenie of France.


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